Expanded tastes…

My son turned two a few days ago and has recently been wanting to hear new music.  When I turn on the ipod he screams “NEW ONE!! NEW ONE!!  This is deeply heartwarming to me and somewhat of a relief because though I love the children’s cd’s we listen to, I’m ready to listen to some kid-friendly grown-up music with him too.

His (& my) current favorites:

Grisman & Garcia
….I”m an old deadhead myself so this was a no-brainer.  Relatively mellow nightime music.

Not For Kids Only- Garcia & Grisman
…Traditional American folktunes.  Awesome if you don’t mind a little light cussing and a couple somewhat death-related lyrics. (Alot of traditional folktunes have somehwat melancholy or adult-related themes.  The ones selected for this cd are pretty tame.)

Guitar Lullaybe- Ricardo Cobo
…Best. Sleepy-time cd.  Ever.

Sesame Street: Best of Elmo
…OK, somewhat annoying voice but the song selection is good.

Summer Songs- Music Togther
…awesome cd we got from taking the class.

His  latest new interest:

Paul Simon
…any Paul Simon song puts a smile on my face and gets my boy dancing.  The best song in the world according to me (this month) is The Only Living Boy in New York.  Heart-filling.

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