Listen to Your Mother…..I’m in!!

I am thrilled to be included in this year’s Madison production of Listen to Your Mother.  This is an annual event started four years ago here in Madison by Ann Imig.  It is an awesome show featuring writers both professional and amateur, reading their hearts out onstage.  I’ll be reading a poem I wrote about how motherhood has transformed my body, thoughts, emotions, and life.  That sounds like it might be a boring poem, but it’s actually not.  You’ll like it.  I’ll share it here after the show but I wrote it as a spoken word poem so it’s actually meant to be listened to.  That means you should come to the show at the Barrymore on Mother’s Day.  You will be amazed at the writers in this year’s show.  We just had our first rehearsal last night.  And though I laugh easily anytime I am showered and out of the house alone because I am giddy, and though I cry easily because I just had a baby five months ago and am nursing and sleep deprived, this ultimately does not take away anything from the reality of last night’s rehearsal:  I laughed, I cried.   Yes I did.  This will happen to you if you come see the show.  I thoroughly loved hearing each piece from such very different voices.  And I am a picky-ass audience.    Check out some past readers here:

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