Energy Work and Distance Healing

In addition to dabbling at writing and songwriting, I am also a Licensed Massage Therapist who focuses on energy healing and craniosacral therapy. I’ve been studying different forms of energy work for decades and have found the results of my work to be most profound when healing emotional/mental issues and life situations/relationships.

A friend asked me the other day what exactly I do when I am doing energy work without being in the same room as the client- otherwise known as distance healing.  I had told her a story of how I worked with a friend’s young daughter in this way recently and the results were amazing.  Her curiosity led me to piece apart my process of distance healing and put into words what I do energetically.

I think most people are familiar with the concept of energy work – it’s a grand category of healing modalities that affect positive change on emotional, mental, spiritual, physical and/or situational bodies and energies.  Reiki is probably the most mainstream at this point.  But I’m not sure how many have heard of the concept of performing energy work over a distance, affecting positive change while not being in the physical presence of the client.

The nature of healing energy work is that it is effective both in person or over a distance.  This might sound quacky to some, but it is true.  Energy is energy.  In fact, for me, it is sometimes more beneficial to connect with someone’s energy without being in their physical presence so that there is not the distraction of the physical body to interfere with seeing what energetically actually needs attention.

We take for granted that we can pick up a phone and hear someone’s voice on the other end of the line even though they may be across the city or across the world. We dial their number and speak with a phone that belongs to them. We hear their exact voice and their words, feel their presence over the airwaves.  It’s the same concept for energy work, except you don’t use the tool of a phone to connect.

Here’s a play by play of what a distance energy session looks like on my end:

1. I ground myself by sending my own “roots” down into the earth.  For me, they are red streams of energy that look like, well, roots and dive all the way down to the earth’s core.  I do some deep breathing and open up my crown chakra and connection to the divine at and over the top of my head.  For me, this looks like a stream of purple/white or gold energy stretching infinitely into the cosmos, landing at the divine creative center of everything (aka, God.)  I then open up my own core energy to both the crown chakra (heaven) and my root chakra (earth) so I feel a column of very strong, stable light all through me, top to bottom.

2. I ask for assistance.  Usually I say, “Divine Archangels, Ascended Masters, Guides, Guardians and any available to assist in this session for the highest good, I ask for your assistance now.  Show me what I need to know in a way I can understand.  Help me with this healing. Thank you.”  If there is a specific deity that comes to mind or a specific issue I’m working with, I would use the specifics: “Archangel Michael, Archangel Raphael, St. Germain, Bob’s Guides and Guardians, thank you for assisting me with Bob’s anxiety. I welcome all available help you can offer. Let me be an instrument of healing for the highest good for Bob.”

3. I say hello energetically to the person I’m working with and usually say something like, “I am here.”  Then I wait and focus on holding my core light hugely strong.  Sometimes, great change can be affected if I simply hold a high vibration and invite/allow the client to bask in that vibration.  Like a tuning fork, if I am humming at a certain frequency that is of benefit to them, they can tune their own energy to that frequency simply by “hearing” me do it.

4. I ask what they need and then listen.  Listening involves for me numerous things: seeing in my mind’s eye, sensing in my body, and hearing in my mind’s ear (first time I ever  used that phrase!)  I sometimes gather information about a specific issue: “I need to hear that I am loved from Person X.”  Or the information may be more vague “I need attention in my left ankle.”  Sometimes they need to receive energy and I can be a channel for that energy from the universe to them.  Sometimes they need help purifying their energy and I can run an energetic strainer through them to “catch” what they don’t need- things they’ve absorbed from other people, environments, or situations.  I can help ground them and offer the unwanted/unbeneficial energy to an Ascended Master where it can be purified and returned to where it needs to be.  A lot of times people “hold” energy for others.  Moms do this all the time.  If it’s something that is working for their highest good, yay.  If not, I help them drop what they don’t need to be holding and kind of fill in those pockets where they have a habit of holding energy for others, so instead it’s a pocket of their own energy.  No room for holding others’ stuff if you are fully occupying your own space.  On super far-out sessions, I have worked with parallel universes, past life issues, and invasive spirits/energies.

5. I seal any tears in their energy that are obvious to me, and “fluff” their energy body a bit, instruct them that if there are any other adjustments that need to be made at this time, to “do so now.”  Then I seal their energetic body with protection and universal love (usually looks blue) and then assist with grounding.

6. I close the session by giving thanks to all that assisted and to the client.

7. I write down anything that the client needs to know in words in real time and pass it along to them if they are interested in knowing the insights I gained during the session.

That’s it in a nutshell.  It can be extremely powerful stuff. Anyone curious let me know and we can set up a free/discounted mini-session.

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