Totally worth it.


A few people have commented to me after reading my last few posts that our trip to Florida sounded more crazy than fun.  Truth be told, it was both crazy and fun.  Rewarding in the way that only travel can be. Especially travel from the Midwest during an ungodly long cold spell.  Snow.  In April.  Really.

But pretty much no matter how much hardship or stress is involved, I love to travel.  I particularly loved this last trip because it was our first road trip since having our 2nd boy.  It was sort of an experiment- to see if we could travel well with a toddler and an infant. I consider it to be a grand success because we had a fantastic time in Florida, even if parts of the getting there and back were dicey.  And even as I was changing the poopy diapers or listening to Old MacfuckingDonald for the 100th time, in the back of my mind and more importantly in my heart, were these words: Yes. Thank God I’m on the Road.  Totally Worth It.

This trip was a huge success.  My 3 year old got to play in the sand and the ocean.  He is so incredibly active that it is a relief to have such a wide, massive playground for him where we can just strap on his lifejacket, toss some buckets and shovels in the sand and listen to him giggle ecstatically for hours over the crashing waves.  My 6 month old touched the sea for the first time, which, in my world, is pretty much a rite of passage. And Justin and I got to paddleboard.  Stand up paddleboarding is incredibly fun and nothing compares to doing it on the crystal blue waters of the ocean. It was perfect bliss.

So was it crazy?  Yes.  And blissful.  Beautiful.  Fun.  Totally worth it.

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