Rejected. Then happy.

Recently, I submitted a few essays to a very cool organization that awards grants to writers who are also parents. Today I got word that I was not winning any of their awards, which made me sad. But then I got happy because their rejection caused me to say, “f*ck it” and share one of my application essays here rather than keep it tucked away in preparation for a book essays.

I am not giving up on that book of essays. It will be heartfelt, humorous, and poignant (says the author.)  Or, in the words of the very best jacket cover review quotes, it will be “Astonishing.”  That book of essays is still getting written. But it’s probably going to be more along the lines of the work I read at Listen to Your Mother. More poetic, like….while the essay I’m going to share here is more likely to make you laugh. (I hope.)

So next post, you will find Part 1 of my musings on my postpartum body as I tried fitting into my pre-pregnancy clothes. It was written when little Wyatt was about 6 months old.  Enjoy.

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