Children’s Book Review: Hush! A Thai Lullabye

There are so many things I come across from day to day that spark an interest, make me smile, or catch my kids attention. I thought I’d devote Fridays to sharing some of those favorite things with you. (No- it ain’t gonna be whiskers on kittens and bright copper kettles, though that is one of my favorite songs for all of eternity.)

Today’s Favorite: Hush! A Thai Lullabye by Mingfong Ho, Illustrated by Holly Meade


The thing I like most about this book are the illustrations because they tell another story. The book starts with the mama putting her little one to sleep in a hammock. Then she sings a gentle song to all the nearby animals (mosquito, monkey, elephant, pig, and more) one by one, instructing them to be very quiet because her baby is sleeping. But on each page in the background, the illustrator shows the baby is out of the hammock and roaming about. So reading this to a little one is joyful not just for the sweet lullabye, but for the added bonus of seeing them giggle as they try to find the baby who has snuck out of the hammock and is not sleeping after all.  For some reason they find it hilarious that while the mama makes every effort to quiet down the barnyard singing, “can’t you see that baby’s sleeping?” that baby has fooled his mama pretty darn good. Sneaky sweetness.

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