Say That Again Saturdays

“my feet will want to walk to where you are sleeping but
I shall go on living.”

-Pablo Neruda

Neruda. He said pretty much everything better than anyone of us could.  I’m posting this quote as a tip of the hat to those we’ve lost. Blessings to those who are grieving. I never really knew grief until my dad died two years ago. Now I know as much as two years as taught me. “Grief” is one of those words that does close to nothing in explaining what it is supposed to represent. Like “love” or “birth.” It is a scrap of blanket covering miles of geography. It does nothing to cover the different terrains and seasons. I love this quote because I’ve found that even though my mind has moved on from my dad’s death, my body absolutely remembers. During the time of year that he died, I find myself  sad, tired, angry, desperate. It doesn’t matter that I’ve gotten therapy and have worked on forgiveness, moving on and all the stuff you’re supposed to do. My body is still acclimating. I still go to his speed-dial number, think about what I’m going to get him for Christmas, and get a choke in my throat when I think of him not being around to see my kids as they grow. But I shall go on living.

4 thoughts on “Say That Again Saturdays

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  2. skylikeme Post author

    I reread your entry on grieving and it is beautiful. I’m sending it to a friend as her sadness is deep in the loss of her husband of 60-some years. She misses him every minute of every day and i am hopeful reading your reflection and Neurda’s quote will offer a gift of some sort.. not sure what as in this time of grieving there does not seem a gift big enough or good enough to ease the pain. Thanks for sharing your gift of writing with the world…. and me


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