Better than Buttered Noodles

A few posts ago, I mentioned that I created a new website While I love, love, love sharing stories here about lawn mower racing, getting older, fake food, postpartum boundaries, motherhood, jeans that don’t fit, grocery shopping with toddlers, coffee, and Isadora Duncan among other things, I wanted to create a site that was more specifically about self-care, self-awareness, wisdom traditions, personal evolution, and the interconnectedness of everything.  With a lens on pregnancy, birthing and parenting of course. This website will also have a blog that I am hoping will be better than a huge bowlful of buttered noodles with all the gluten.

I may be borrowing a couple older posts from shufflesteps here and there as I get rolling, and I will be creating tons of new content about how we live our authentic lives, cultivate a potent inner awareness, and gracefully bring attention and love to our journey and how all of that amazing work translates into our outer experiences.

I’m interested in reaching more readers! So please share my sites with anyone or anything that you think would benefit or enjoy reading.

I am also working on a podcast that I am super excited about. I will share details as things form more fully.

Thank you for sharing space in your beautiful minds for the words on these pages. Much love!

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