New Song!

It has been eons since I shared a song but I finally have one for you!  Recorded Sunday morning in my living room.

A few notes.

  1. If it looks like I am gazing meaningfully at the camera in the last verse, it is because I displayed the just-written lyrics for myself right next to the camera and I am trying to read them.
  2. I mess up a chord. See if you can find where.
  3. I recorded this on my iphone and the volume is pretty low…headphones might be a good bet.
  4. This is a 3 chord song! Easy to learn if you like.

Lyrics follow.


By Kris Adams

Holler around the bend
Ahead just a day or two
You see me walking there
And I turn back to look for you

There you are yesterday
And here I am overjoyed
Cause I hear you call to me
Like time is another toy

So many hours or none at all
We watch the clocks spin and dissolve

When we’re in another world
I will remember this
I will remember you
Remember the way you kiss

You got the best of me
And I see the best in you
Our own little miracle
Just an eternity or two

You know we are everyone
We roll the dice, have a little fun

Older than the road that we’re walking on
Younger than the thoughts that have yet to come
Stronger than the storms that we’ve overcome

This is no fairy tale
You make it up as you go
Nothing is ending here
It’s better if you don’t know

What’s coming straight to you
Has already begun
And all that your living for
You were destined to become

So many hours or none at all
We watch the days spin and dissolve

6 thoughts on “New Song!

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  2. Josie

    So beautiful! I’m digging the Carol King/ Eva Cassidy vibe mix! Yes, yes, yes, my poet-hearted friend!


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