Amazing Videos!

Please check out these awesome videos from this year’s Listen to Your Mother show!  I guarantee you will love them.  I am the second reader on this channel.   I invite you to listen to them all!  (There is a “next” button next to the play button on the player if you would like to browse through the different readers or hear some more than once.)

For those unfamiliar, LTYM is an annual show that was started in Madison.  It features local writers sharing essays, poems, and their experiences with motherhood.  Short pieces- just around 4 minutes.  Not every reader is mother.  Such interesting voices. Endless entertainment and inspiration.

Thank you Ann Imig, for putting this show together!  Woohoo!!!!

4 thoughts on “Amazing Videos!

    1. skylikeme Post author

      Can’t wait to read some more of your poems at! Thanks for checking me out.


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