One of these days these boots….

I love finding or remembering songs that are both awesome and  translate well into my 3 year old’s world. One example we have been playing non-stop is “These Boots Are Made For Walkin'” by Nancy Sinatra. For me and my husband, it is just a great tune. For baby Wyatt, it’s got a great beat he can boogie to it. For my 3 year old, Braden, there’s one deciding awesome factor: it contains the lyrics, “One of these days these boots are gonna walk all over you!” Which for him is HILARIOUS!

Another one he likes is The Beatles “Hello Goodbye.” To him it is hysterical to hear grown-ups saying what seem like random words to him: yes, no…why, I don’t know…stop, go….goodbye, hello, hello.

2 thoughts on “One of these days these boots….

  1. Jeff Sterbenc

    My daughter is all in on “We Will Rock You”… she loves that they get mud on their face. I didn’t really like the song very much until she started grooving on it, but now we’re a pair of rockers when it comes on.

    1. skylikeme Post author

      Ha! Whenever Braden hears Stephen Tyler sing “I Love Trash” on Sesame Street Songs from the Street (the WORST song on the 3 disc album) he goes wild dancing and asks me if I like the “rock and roll music.” It’s pretty darn cute.


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